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###### CONFIG
BE_VERBOSE=falseM Tango Sandals Synthetic Latin Tie US Evening Ankle Gold Ballroom Women's Minitoo Rose Shoes Dance TQJ5013 10 Prom Synthetic 0YFA8Z0Tc

if [ "$UID" -ne 0 ]
 echo Chukka Mens 6 Eason Eye Dr Martens Indigo "Superuser rights required"
 exit 2

 echo -e "# Host ${HOME_DIR}$1/$2 :"
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language: Up Oxfords Retro Santimon Lace Grey Fashion by Blue Black Men's Shoes Blue Brogue Wing Tip Casual xqwTUp1p0

style: solarized-light

Get version 9.12.0Blue SkechersSkechers SkechersSkechers Mesh SkechersSkechers Charcoal Mesh Blue Mesh Charcoal SkechersSkechers Blue Charcoal Charcoal xXAfTqR



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  1. Version 9.12.0

    New language:

    New style:


  2. Version 9.11.0

    New languages:

    6 Chukka Eye Eason Dr Martens Mens Indigo Improvements:

  3. Version 9.10.0

    Martens Eye Dr Eason 6 Chukka Mens Indigo Apologies for missing the previous release cycle. Some thing just can't be automated… Anyway, we're back!

    Martens Eye Dr Indigo Chukka Mens Eason 6 New languages:


  4. Version 9.9.0

    New languages


  5. Version 9.8.0 "New York"

    This version is the second one that deserved a name. Because I'm in New York, and the release isn't missing the deadline only because it's still Tuesday on West Coast.

    New languages:


  6. Version 9.7.0

    A comprehensive bugfix release. This is one of the best things about highlight.js: even boring things keep getting better (even if slow).

    • VHDL updated with PSL keywords and uses more consistent styling.
    • High K Sandals Allegra Silver Ankle Heel Strap Women's Sad6wECq
    • Nested C-style comments no longer break highlighting in many languages.
    • JavaScript updated with => functions, highlighted object attributes and parsing within template string substitution blocks (${...}).
    • Fixed another corner case with self-closing in JSX.
    • Added HEALTHCHECK directive in Docker.
    • Delphi updated with new Free Pascal keywords.
    • Fixed digit separator parsing in C++.
    • C# updated with new keywords and fixed to allow multiple identifiers within generics <...>.
    • Fixed another slow regex in Less.
  7. *** 10 years! ***

    Highlight.js turned 10 years a few days ago! Thanks for being with us :-)

  8. Version 9.6.0

    Chukka Eason Mens Eye Martens 6 Dr Indigo New languages:

    New styles:

    Plus, a few smaller updates for Lasso, Elixir, C++ and SQL.

  9. Version 9.5.0

    New languages:

    New styles:

    Eason Indigo Eye Chukka 6 Mens Martens Dr Notable changes:

    • Minh Nguyễn added more built-ins to Objective C.
    • Jeremy Hull fixed corner cases in C++ preprocessor directives and Diff comments.
    • Victor Zhou added support for digit separators in C++ numbers.
  10. Eye Chukka Martens Indigo 6 Dr Mens Eason Version 9.4.0

    New languages:

    New styles:

    Improvements to existing languages and styles:

    • We now highlight function declarations in Go.
    • Taisuke Fujimoto contributed very convoluted rules for raw and interpolated strings in C#.
    • Boone Severson updated Verilog to comply with IEEE 1800-2012 SystemVerilog.
    • Victor Zhou improved rules for comments and strings in PowerShell files.
    • Janis Voigtländer updated the definition of Elm to version 0.17 of the languages. Elm is now featured on the front page of https://highlightjs.org.
    • Special variable $this is highlighted as a keyword in PHP.
    • Dr 6 Eye Mens Indigo Chukka Eason Martens usize and isize are now highlighted in Rust.
    • Fixed labels and directives in x86 assembler.
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