Tarbiyat al-mu’minin

Whereas Qadi al-Nu‘man’s Da‘a’im al-Islam represents the exoteric compendium of Ismaili law, its esoteric counterpart is the author’s Tarbiyat al-mu’minin, better known as the Ta’wil da‘a’im al-Islam. This work consists of twelve parts, each divided into ten chapters. The 120 chapters of the Ta’wil da‘a’im bear the title of ‘sessions’, and it seems as though these formed part of the ‘sessions of wisdom’ (majalis al-Outdoor Black Summer Open Sandals Strap amp;W Toe Mens Fashion Ankle H qxn6TWtn) that al-Nu‘man held within the palace for special initiates. The pages illustrated, both written in clear naskhi scripts, are from different manuscripts of this two-volume work.

Copied in 1275/1858 by Akbar ‘Ali b. Mulla Ilahbakhsh

Volume One, 425 folios, 210 x 120 mm

Ms 18

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