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Lightweight, native time tracking tool that includes screenshots, time tracking and project management.

Pay your team members with a click of a button.


Screenshots and activity rates

See work unfold in real time
Hubstaff time tracking allows contractors to track time to individual projects (unlimited projects allowed). Managers can log in to see how much time has been spent on those projects, who is currently working on them and their activity levels.
Show me the screenshots
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Amber Women's Harley Resistant Davidson Motorcycle Water Black Water Davidson Harley Women's Motorcycle Amber Black Resistant The screenshots are taken entirely random. This gives you the best idea of what’s really happening.
1X, 2X, 3X OR OFF
You can take up to 3 screens per 10 mins. Some clients prefer to turn the feature off all together.
The desktop apps track the number of mouse movements and keyboard strokes your employees make.

Your remote team dashboard

Tired of chasing down your employees as they work on different tasks at different times throughout the day? Keeping track of all of them is no easy job. Hubstaff lets you see your whole team in one place so you can get the information you need at a glance.
Show me the easy way to monitor my team

We make management easy.


Online timesheets & attendance reports

Have accurate online employee hours records of how much your team works
Hubstaff time tracker automatically generates reports and timesheets online. Your employee work timesheets can be customized to include the data you need, and these timesheets can be used to calculate how much to pay employees for the time tracked.
Hubstaff provides large and small business teams with organized time sheets, attendance tracking and ensures that time tracked is always accurate and that each employee can easily be paid.
Time entries
Automatic time entries based on time tracked with the Hubstaff app. Optionally add, edit, or delete time manually if necessary.
Team payments
Export files of time your team has worked in order to pay them via your preferred method. View records of past payments.
Configure reports
View weekly, daily, or custom date range reports of any or all of your workers. Quickly find out how much time is spent on different projects.

Daily, weekly, and calendar timesheet views

Hubstaff's timesheets are flexible - you can view calendar, weekly, or daily breakdowns of the times your team members work. Use whichever view you prefer to manager time entries.
Switch to the daily view to see the exact times your team members start and stop working on a given day. Switch to the weekly view to see their totals for each day in a week. The calendar view gives you a combination of both.

Automation and powerful reporting

Hubstaff has automated timesheets for projects and tasks ( with over 30 integrations), automated payroll, weekly limits, and pay rates. Hubstaff automates admin work so you can spend time growing your business.
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Simple online payroll system to pay employees automatically

0%... The rate Hubstaff charges for paying your staff
Payroll is a time consuming task, especially as a small business grows larger with every employee. Hubstaff's simple automated payroll allows you to set up payments one time so you can focus on more important matters. Your employees' pay is calculated to the second using the Hubstaff time tracker and the individual pay rate you set and sent to PayPal, Payoneer, or Bitwage.

See what our clients have to say

Matt Callen
Absolutely LOVE this software! After using Hubstaff, our productivity has nearly tripled for my company. The majority of our team are virtual employees, so keeping track of their productivity levels is key to refining our team and collaborating faster on projects.
Mark Thompson
Hubstaff has not only helped us scale our online publishing business, but hold each of our virtual employees accountable. Ensuring that they are focused, completing projects on time and hitting deadlines.
Chris Yates
Water Resistant Black Amber Davidson Harley Motorcycle Women's After using your tool, I realized my VA was hiring someone else to do their work for them. I couldn't figure out why their quality of work was poor and slow and the screenshot and activity features revealed it.
Sean Si
Hubstaff has helped me know my team better in how they work - in ways that I could never have. The uneasiness of you and your clients wondering if you're getting what you pay for goes out the window. I recommend Hubstaff to any team - remote or in-house.

Internet monitoring

Monitor employee website visits while time tracking
Hubstaff's website monitoring software lets you see employee internet usage whenever they are working and tracking time. You can see the time spent at every website and even get a quick preview of what the page looks like.
The data can help you drill down on where your most productive team members spend their time, and where the less productive ones are wasting it.
See internet monitoring features

Application monitoring

Track employee app usage
Hubstaff's application monitoring software allows you to see which programs your employees run when using the work time tracker. Every time they switch to a different program, you'll know about it and know how long they spent using the program.
You can get a quick glimpse of which applications are used most often, as well as see when the applications are used when time tracking is running.

Staff scheduling

Create and view online employee schedules for your staff
Hubstaff's online scheduling app provides you with a simple employee attendance tracker and an easy way to manage your staff schedule.
Our time tracker will email alerts to inform you right away of any late, missed, or abandoned shifts, so you'll always know your employee attendance and that they get to work on schedule.
Start staff scheduling

Easy and flexible invoicing

Amber Davidson Women's Harley Resistant Motorcycle Water Black Hubstaff's invoicing software allows you to send invoices for work done, either by time tracked with Hubstaff or for fixed payments. Manage and bill as many clients as you need to and record payments. You'll never have to waste time with manual invoices again.
Hubstaff's invoicing software

Weekly Limits

Easily set time limits for each team member with Hubstaff's weekly limit feature. Set the maximum number of hours you want a member to be able to work in a week and the app will automatically prevent them from exceeding the limit. Change weekly limits at any time.

Project budgets

Take control of project costs
Manually tracking project costs and ensuring that you don't go over budget can be a time consuming headache. Hubstaff's project budgets allow you to set time or cost limits so you'll never have to worry about that again. You'll get notified whenever a budget is almost reached so you can adjust accordingly.

GPS & location monitoring

Track employees or fleet vehicle time on the road
When your employees are using the Hubstaff mobile time tracking app for logging time, you will also be able to monitor employee location via GPS. You'll always be able to track employee location and time work done at each job site.
See Time Tracking App Features

Per-user admin settings

Screenshot frequency
Control how many screenshots will be taken for each user in a 10 minute period.
Modify time
Allow or disallow only select users to be able to add, edit, and delete time manually.
Screenshot blur
Davidson Black Resistant Harley Women's Motorcycle Water Amber You can blur all screenshots captured for PCI/HIPPA compliance or privacy concerns.
Plus many more!

Unlimited free viewers

Have someone who needs to monitor activity but doesn't need to track time? No problem!
You can make them a viewer and they won't count towards your plan limit.
Invite your clients and allow them to view the progress on your project directly!
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Advanced API

Hubstaff's powerful API allows you to retrieve your users data from Hubstaff and import it into your own project. It allows you to build your own custom solutions for organizing and displaying your users' time tracking data and activity.
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Hubstaff helps over 8,000 remote teams communicate more effectively.
Understand what's happening in your organization without all the followup.

Hubstaff time tracker is completely free for 14 days

No credit card required. No obligation. Invite as many members as you want and get a full-featured trial. 2 FREE MONTHS with all annual plans
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