Cell Micrographs


•  Interpretation of electron micrographs to identify organelles and deduce the function of specialised cells

A micrograph is a photo or digital image taken through a microscope to show a magnified image of a specimen

While organelles have identifying structures, specific shapes may vary depending on the location of cross-sections

Prokaryotic Cell Features

   Feature:        none        nucleoid        cell wall        pili        flagella        all

Eukaryotic Cell Features

   Aqua Pool Yoga Women's Shoes Fushia Water Black Exercise Wave Socks 1177l Beach Feature:        none        nucleus        ER        mitochondria        Women's 1177l Beach Shoes Exercise Yoga Socks Pool Aqua Water Black Wave Fushia golgi        chloroplast        cell wall        vacuole        all

Organelles  (click on image to display false colour)

Attempts can be made to deduce cell function based on the relative abundance of various organelles:

  • Mitochondria – Cells with many mitochondria typically undertake energy-consuming processes (e.g. neurons, muscle cells)
  • ER – Cells with extensive ER networks undertake secretory activities (e.g. plasma cells, exocrine gland cells)
  • Lysosomes – Cells rich in lysosomes tend to undertake digestive processes (e.g. phagocytes)
  • Chloroplasts – Cells with chloroplasts undergo photosynthesis (e.g. plant leaf tissue but not root tissue)

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